About LP Marriage

LP Marriage.in is a matrimonial site developed by me in the interest of Leva Patil Community to facilitate them to search a life partner from the prospective candidates using website platform.

@ Us

Professionally we are in the field of Software Consultancy and Software Programming. We are developing Software Programs for applications in various fields like Industries, Transportation, Education etc. The question will then come into your mind ?What the professionals have to do by starting this site known as lpmarriage.in.?

Approach and Methodology

We applied Systematic Approach and reviewed the requirements as a parent.
  • Minimum time to spend in finding a match.
  • Clarity in Expectations of both the parties.
  • Shortlist the candidates meeting the expectations.

Our aim is to make this site one of the Best and practically useful. Your Suggestions are most welcome (which you can convey through Feedback column.)

If you are satisfied with this site, recommend it to your friends and relatives and don't forget to give the Feedback. Meaningful suggestions will be incorporated in the site.


Our aim is to give clarity to both the parties so that probability of future hassles are minimized. Earlier Marriage activities were dominated by the Male candidates. Women had comparatively less options due to less education and weak in Occupation status. The situation is now totally changed. Men and Women are at equal level. Women are self sufficient and their expectations from the life partner have changed. We need your active participation and support by making use of this site to find a match for your candidate. Be assured that we will give the best in match making and provide latest techniques to make the selection comfortable.

Looking forward for the happily married couples through our site.

(Arun Patil)